Hello…glad you’re here…sorta.  You see, I’m publishing Fat Dad Camp as an honest account of one man’s journey through health reconstruction.  For many years (almost 20 now) I’ve made some really poor health decisions…from eating unhealthy, lack of exercise, to countless hours of life and job stress.  I’ve also carried a lot of excess weight…my heaviest weigh-in was 350 lbs. back in 2003…I’m now lumbering around at 300 lbs.  Over the past few years though, my health has started to unravel…most recently it is the combination of many brought on ailments and diseases including:  type II diabetes, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, and I’ll potentially throw in celiac disease (as I’ve got the characteristics and symptoms of it)…to top everything off I broke my coccyx last January changing my son’s diaper (true story…go ahead and chuckle).  With all of these problems piling up against me I’ve come to the breaking point…where putting off dealing with everything (also known as living in denial) are not viable options…after all…I’ve got folks that count on me…my lovely wife and three young children.

If you know me personally, you know me as a food guy…one who enjoys cooking just as much as eating…and posting photos of foods I eat on social media.  I also enjoy humor in all things…so when I write about trying out yoga poses for spinal alignment or eating gluten free whatever…feel free to laugh at or with me.

Thanks for being here!


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