Don’t let the title fool you…it’s not the new “planking” so to speak…I’m no trendsetter by any means.

After having some remarkable success in dropping some pounds November and December I’ve tapered off quite a bit.  To date I’m down a total of 40 lbs…but January and most of February have been sort of a let down…a plateau.  No movement on the needle of the dial…meaning I haven’t lost any weight but I haven’t gained any either.  And no…I haven’t fallen off the wagon completely…well…perhaps a little here and there.  I like to imagine myself as Indiana Jones holding desperately onto a rope being pulled along the dusty earth…I’m gripping the rope still but life has been insane since Christmas.


You’d think with New Years coming and going I would have some boost of sheer will…but it didn’t happen.  I’ve been working some unreal hours trying to wrap up a project with a team at work…it’s been stressful and grueling…a lot of long nights at the office.  One of the casualties of this schedule has been the rotation diet…and food planning…and sleep…and family time.  I’m still adhering strictly to eating gluten-free.  However, I’m relying too much on Qdoba and  Chipotle as my go-to fast food meal replacement.qdoba-logo  chipotle-mexican-grill  Seems as though there’s not enough time in the day anymore…and it’s all I can do to try and maintain new eating habits.  I guess when you come up against a wall like this you just power through right?

I think now is when the real work begins…and I know what needs to be done.  The great news in all of this is…the project just went out to bid…so I can cut back on hours and get everything back where it belongs.

To start…I need to implement more exercise and stress relieving activities.  Up until now my exercise has been rolling around on the floor with the kids.  Stress relief has come in the form of playing with my son’s Go! Go! Smart wheels…we have the Train Set and Airport…seriously…they’re fun!  I’ve been curious about running…but if you know me…you know I’ve never liked to run…like never…like since they made us run a mile in middle school.  I hear stories that there’s a high associated with it and you get into a zone and  before you know it you’re hooked.  Others have suggested krav maga or some sort of full body contact sport.

Sleep is another area that needs much improvement.  I’ve been staying up way too late…a lot of the time at the office…but since my schedule was messed up I resorted to staying up at too…Netflix and all.  Netflix MemeThey keep putting up awesome binge watching material and I’m a documentary junkie…have you seen Blackfish? Ride the Divide?  Suffice to say, I need more sleep and get into a habit of putting devices away…there are many things that affect quality of sleep which I’d like to share here.

Lastly, I plan on writing more in the coming weeks…just to keep myself in check I think…but more importantly…I’ve found some great information to share anything I think will be beneficial to others.  It’s a reconstruction process…whatever course of action I need to take…the time is now!

What moves have you made when you’ve been stuck…in a rut…etc?


2 thoughts on “Plateau-ing

  1. Proud of you no matter what.

  2. Me too. For sure.

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