Holiday Hiatus…Over!

So…it’s been a few weeks since the last time I’ve written anything on Fat Dad Camp.  I’ve been on a holiday hiatus of sorts…there’s been literally no time to write as our time has been filled with non-stop action including a long road trip with my family to Disney World, then Christmastime hustle and bustle, and now New Year’s Day is upon us!  Seems like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving.

Just in case you may have wondered how this recovering food-a-holic made it through the holiday season…I can tell you about it first hand…it was a little tough.  I gave it a good try to stay in bounds from a food standpoint.  The good news is…I didn’t gain any weight…which is  great I guess when I consider that I did indulge a bit here and there.  There was only one real episode of overkill though…I practically made myself sick eating ribs and gluten-free brownies at Disney World one night then proceeded to ride a boat shortly thereafter!

Now it’s time to get back into the swing of things…rubber…meet road.

Here are some upcoming topics I plan on writing about soon…

  • Food Allergies…how our entire family life has been altered due to food allergies
  • Dining at Disney World…dealing with special dietary requirements in a world of decadent food choices
  • Implementing Exercise…launching phase two of health reconstruction

Please stand by…and Happy New Year!



It’s A Small World After All

Short post tonight…

Tomorrow my family and I are embarking on an incredible journey to Walt Disney World in Florida. We’re all pretty excited to say the least! It will be our first major vacation as a party of five…prayers are appreciated! The kids and I have never been to Disney World…my wife went when she was younger…so it should be quite an adventure for us!

We were able to get the Disney Dining Plan added onto our reservation during our stay. It makes your stay pretty all inclusive with one “quick service meal”, one “table service meal” and one snack per person per day. The Disney Dining Plan is designed to take the hassle out of the never ending “what to eat?” questions on a typical vacation. Our helpful Disney Planner made reservations at some fabulous restaurants and from what we’ve read, Disney makes great effort to accommodate food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary restrictions…which in our family is gluten, dairy, peanuts, and egg…good times huh?!?!

My goal is to stay the course…not over do it but perhaps enjoy a thing or two within reason. Hopefully there will not be any inadvertent allergic reactions while we’re there. I hope to follow up with good news after the trip!