One Month Progress Report

OneMonthSo here I am…one month into this journey through health reconstruction…and I’m here to brief you on current progress.  For starters…and I hate saying this because it is bound to bite me later…but this has not been as difficult as I thought it would be going in.  Have there been hard times?  Heck to the yes.  Temptation reared it’s head?  Almost every day.  Have I stuck to the eating plan?  Certainly…except for earlier this week I was in a jamb at an out of town meeting…pizza was delivered…I resisted…then at some Wendy’s chili afterwards…it was the nearest gluten-free option available…sue me.  Any big payoffs yet?  I’m getting to that…

When I started…I weighed in at a paltry 300 pounds.  I’m now at 270.  If you can’t do the math that’s 30 pounds.  That’s almost two of my one year old son…or 3.75 gallons of water…a flat tire on a car…or $596,448.00 worth of gold!  I’m pretty stoked about it as you can tell.  Here’s a fun fact:  I haven’t weighed less that 270 in my entire almost 14 years of marriage to my awesome wife!

ButtonPopMy clothes are loose…I’ve lost a few inches around my waist…I began wearing 46’s.  I’ve had to add a notch in my belt to accommodate this.  It feels good.  My shirts no longer feel like the buttons will pop off and hurt someone.

I’ve lost the need to make excuses to eat fast food.  We haven’t eaten out that much as a family (I feel bad for them)…but seriously…what we’ve saved in restaurant costs has been absorbed by eating tasty fresh foods.  It’s a little bit of a bummer because it should’t cost more to eat healthy food…but that’s another discussion.  The fun bi-product though is that everyone in the family is eating better…I’m lovin’ it!

I’ve also lost the need to manage pain…I use to take tylenol on almost a daily basis…for headaches and back pain.  Part of the problem was the pro-inflammatory diet I use to eat.  I haven’t had one in a month…like I said before…I feel a lot better.

So what have I gained?

I have more energy…by eating healthier foods and getting regular sleep…it truly works.  I haven’t had a cup of coffee in over a month now…whereas I use to be an all day drinker of the stuff…with cream and artificial sweeteners.  Now I have black tea…every other day.

Just look at it!

Just look at it!

I have much more confidence to resist temptation…I guess having good results is a great motivator…and get this…a consultant just dropped off three boxes of Rick’s Bakery sausage rolls…plain ones…spicy ones…and the extra special ones with cheese on top.  I got real close and smelled them…it smelled like heaven.

I have more hope that this time will be it…that I can persevere until I’m at a healthy weight (the research I’ve found says 174-194 pounds).  I want to become more active…and live a more vibrant life with my family.  I’m still trying to figure out some activities to do for exercise.

Lastly…I’ve gained a rad beard…it has a lot of gray in it…makes me look wise…at least that’s what I tell myself.

PS:  I’ve got a few posts I’m working on…including subjects like…temptation…habits…and holiday eating (insert sad trombone).  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “One Month Progress Report

  1. That’s one sad, cheese-covered snail.

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